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Buy a new home, Sell your old house after you move in!


Make offers WITHOUT contingency

Sellers often reject offers from buyers that still need to sell their house, now you can make offers with out worrying about selling your house first.


No Interest

The Valshare Equity Bridge is not a loan, so there is NO interest!


No Payments

The Valshare Equity Bridge gets settled when you sell your old house, so there are NO monthly payments.


Avoid PMI Insurance.. Save $100's Monthly

If you have enough available equity in your old house, you can make a down payment on your new house large enough to avoid expensive mortgage insurance added to your monthly payment.


No impact on your Debt-to-Income ratio

Your lender will treat the Valshare Equity Bridge like cash in your pocket, NOT DEBT. This makes qualifying for your new home way easier.

The indexes Valshare uses have been featured in...

I bought a new house using the Valshare Bridge, it was so simple. I applied for the bridge, used it to buy a bigger house, moved when I wanted to, then sold my old house without ever having to worry about showings while my family was home. Sooo much better!

— Karen S.


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